About Us

Totex was founded in 1985, with the Torrance facility opening in 1996.  From the start, Totex has designed and manufactured nothing but battery packs and chargers, and that is still our sole focus today.  Totex started in the laptop replacement battery market before Lithium ion cells were widely available for commercial use. At the time, NiCd was the preferred chemistry until NiMH came along, and shortly thereafter Lithium Ion started its rise in popularity.

Now, Lithium Ion dominates the portable rechargeable battery market and Totex has competed in just about every industry that uses portable devices.  That said, our focus is on value-added applications, so we are not a low tech ultra-high volume contract manufacturer.  For instance, in the portable medical device industry, with its exceptionally high quality standards, Totex has become the dominant player.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to strategically grow while maintaining our reputation of having fast customer response times, technical expertise, and a culture of high quality and efficiency leading to the design and manufacture of high quality batteries and chargers at competitive prices.

Facilities & Locations

Totex has manufacturing facilities in Torrance, California and Hui Zhou, China. The manufacturing facilities in Torrance and Hui Zhou have approximately parallel capabilities, except that the Hui Zhou facility is much bigger and has the capability to make plastic injection mold tooling and produce injection molded parts. It’s worth noting that our tool making and injection mold facilities are on-site in Huizhou and are part of Totex.  They are not a third party contract manufacturer with whom we communicate through interpreters. Most Totex employees in Torrance also speak Chinese. All of this gives us great control over our own manufacturing in China, affording us efficiencies and flexibility that no other battery manufacturer can match.

Torrance, CA

Totex Manufacturing, Inc.

Designs and manufactures batteries and chargers with its headquarters in Torrance, California. Manufacturing plants in Torrance, California are approximately 40,000 sqft.

Hong Kong

Totex Manufacturing China Ltd.

Asia Headquarters

Manufacturing Support

Hui Zhou, China

Totex Manufacturing China Ltd.

The campus in Hui Zhou also has a medium size plastic injection molding plant which makes its own injection mold tooling. Facilities in Hui Zhou, China are approximately 120,000 sq. ft.