Engineering and Product Development

All Engineering design for batteries and chargers is done in-house.


Designing, programing and building battery circuitry which provides protection and meets all of the electrical requirements without bugs is what you expect from a battery company.  If it was easy everyone would do it.  Totex has doing it for 30 years.


Expertise in plastics, contact design, waterproof vents, locking mechanisms, injection molding (manufacturability), IP ratings. We have the mechanical design experience needed to ensure the mechanical integrity of your design.



FMEA, MTBF, thermal, structural, performance derating, life cycle testing, statistical process control. What would you expect from a company with an annual DPPM consistently under 200?

End Product

It can be reassuring to work with a supplier that has designed and manufactured for so many industries and for so many years. It helps when the supplier has made batteries for type product before.