OEM Markets

Totex has been designing batteries and chargers for 30 years.  Over that time we have gained experience in just about every major industry, and dozens of sub-industries. Along with being vertically integrated, this can make us invaluable to customers in the early design phases. Having “been there, done that” so many times, we can often warn customers ahead of time of potential pitfalls in areas of electrical and mechanical performance, manufacturability and compliance issues.  Here are some general categories of markets we are in.

For obvious liability reasons, battery failures in a medical device cannot be tolerated.  Quality is often at least important as cost in FDA class 2 and 3 devices.  Totex supplies batteries and chargers to a large percentage of the biggest medical and dental device manufacturers, making us one of, if not, the largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for the medical device community.  That means our quality system is continually being audited to the toughest standards.  And, of course, you don’t garner that large of a market share without being cost competitive as well.

oxygen concentrator

  • Defibrillators – AED
  • Infusion Pumps – ambulatory, syringe, volumetric
  • Respiratory Devices
    • Hospital, Pre/Post-Hospital Ventilators
    • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Portable MIR and X-ray
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Pain Treatment and Stimulation
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Medical Lights
  • Diagnostic Devices
  • Dental Equipment
  • Medical Power Tools
  • Medical Device Calibration and Maintenance

equipment power for medivac helicopterFrom a technical standpoint there is no difference between lithium ion battery used in applications such as surveying and one used in a military application.

The difference is in the testing regime and the documentation.

Typical batteries for non-military applications may undergo testing such as UL2054, IEC62133, or IEEE1725, etc., while military batteries undergo MIL-STD 810G.

Totex is experienced in testing to MIL standards, as well as dealing with FAR and DFAR clauses.

See our Military Batteries.

Totex makes advanced battery solutions for surveing applicationsBatteries for survey and construction applications have some of the highest ruggedization requirements and temperature exposure requirements for the simple reason that they are used exclusively outdoors.  Batteries for this application can also run from 40Wh to well over 300Wh.  There is a wide variety devices involved in this market, such as:

  • HDS Laser Scanners
  • Distance Meters
  • Tracker Systems
  • Ruggedized Tablet PCs
  • Various GPS Devices
  • Digital Levels

Totex has experience in all these devices and more.

Totex makes advanced battery solutions for test and measurement instrumentsTest and measurement is a broad field covering typically precision devices and equipment, infra-red scanners and cameras, portable oscilloscopes and network analyzers, multi-meters, laser measurement, mobile mapping and countless other applications.

Totex has developed hundreds of batteries and chargers for this broad category and has likely seen a set of technical requirements the same as, or close to yours.

batteries for portable printersObviously, its not possible to list every market a company has served over a thirty year period.  And, some battery sizes and styles overlap multiple markets, but it may be worth it to mention a few other markets or industries which we have or still serve.

  • Data Collection
  • Rugged Laptop Computers
  • Voting Machines
  • Portable Printing
  • Lighting
  • Hand-Held Computing
  • Industrial Cleaning Machines
  • Power Tools.