Battery design is not rocket science, but there are a lot of things one needs know to properly design and build anything but the simplest battery pack. Such things include compatibility peculiarities of the various fuel gauges, battery performance nuances at high and low temperatures, the future availability of cells, the manufacturability of various battery geometries, expertise in plastic injection molding, noise immunity in PCB design and layout, and many other seemingly simple techniques that go into high quality battery design.

Custom Batteries

Nearly all of our batteries are custom designed for specific applications.  This results in portable devices with an optimized DC power source. As we make our own tooling and do our own injection molding, we can give your batteries the exact look and feel you want. 

Custom Chargers

As with batteries, Totex makes our own tooling for custom chargers, and do our own injection molding to give you the exact look and feel you want.  Whether a simple single cell USB charger or a 48-bay multi-kilowatt charging station or even bigger, Totex has the experience to design and manufacture what you need.

Semi-Custom Chargers

This line of chargers utilizes several base platforms for which tooling already exists.  Only the upper platform needs to be tooled to accommodate different battery shapes and sizes. Customer may choose the color of the base platform, and determine the textures, colors and shapes for the upper platform.

Military Products

The difference in lithium ion batteries used in a military application is the testing regime and the documentation. Military batteries undergo MIL-STD 810G testing. Totex is experienced in testing to MIL standards as well as dealing with FAR and DFAR clauses.