Semi-Custom Chargers


semi-custom charger platformsThis line of chargers utilizes several base platforms for which tooling already exists.  Only the upper platform needs to be tooled to accommodate different battery shapes and sizes. While the shape and texture of the base platform are set, customers can choose whatever color they want.  For the upper platform, textures, colors and shapes are your choice. All semi-custom chargers are designed to pass all UL and CE compliance tests.


3 Models Available: BASE, PLUS and PRO LINE


  • 1, 2, 4, or 6 Bays
  • Li Ion, NiMH, NiCd
  • CC/CV or CV with current limited charging
  • Pulse of Multi-Stage charging
  • SMBus v1.1 Compatible
  • Programmable LED Displays
  • Input V & I, short circuit, reverse polarity protection
  • Single-wire read/write (custom protocols upon request)
  • Designed for UL, CE and IEC Compliance


  • External AC/DC adapter
  • 20W maximum power input
  • Calibration with Pro docking Station
  • Simultaneous or sequential charging


  • External AC/DC adapter
  • 60W maximum power input
  • On demand 8W calibration
  • Simultaneous or sequential charging


  • Built-in AC/DC adapter
  • 60W maximum power input
  • On demand 30W calibration
  • Simultaneous charging
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